We don't have any cages here... we have dorm rooms instead :)

Overnight stays away from home should be like going to camp as opposed to going to jail.  We take our sleepover camp services very seriously.  It's simply not enough to provide excellent care for a furry family member - they need lots of love, attention and personal interaction.  They need snuggles, cuddles and someone to lie down beside them to make sure that they never ever feel alone or abandoned.  We think that it should be a fun place to play and meet new human and canine friends - so that's what we do!!

Whether its a longer stay or just an overnight, when they can’t be at home with your family, we would love to have them as part of ours!

Although we hate to be apart from our furry friends, they simply can’t be with us everywhere we have to go.  Taking your annual vacation? Going out of town on business? Hosting a party at your house? Going to visit the family for the weekend?

Whatever the reason your pet can’t be with you, we will do everything that we can to ensure that they are happy, healthy and well loved the entire time that you’re apart.

You don’t want to see your furry family locked up in a cage for hours on end and neither do we! At Paw & Order Camp you can begin to expect the unexpected.  Have your dog and/or cat enjoy the benefits of a climate-controlled dorm room throughout all 4 of New Brunswick’s seasons.  They will enjoy their own room or share with their friends complete with music, toys, snuggle time and lots of reassurance and fun!

To ensure the health and well being of EVERY guest, all of our campers at Paw & Order are required to have up to date vaccinations against kennel cough vaccine and rabies.  Each camper must also be free of fleas and ticks. Female pets who are "in season" cannot stay at Paw & Order during their heat cycle.

Drop off and pick up times are:

  • 730am - 10am
  • 430pm - 6pm