Problem Solving Behavioural Assessment

Every dog has its own unique personality, quirks and issues – not unlike people.  Are you having a particular problem with your furry family member?  Could you use a little guidance or assistance to correct the problem?

•    Walking on leash
•    Jumping up
•    Coming when called
•    Excessive Barking
•    Separation Anxiety

A private assessment of the problem is used to develop a personalized training plan to correct the issue so you and your dog can live in harmony for years to come.  This is not a cookie cutter approach as every dog is unique – so the solution needs to be unique as well. This initial session is approximately 1 - 1.5 hours in length.

A private initial assessment (at our facility or in-home) is scheduled with the family and the dog.  Using this assessment, a personalized training plan is recommended to the owners.  It is recommended that the training plan be started with our trainer although in many cases training plan will allow the family to carry on the training on their own after a single follow-up session.

Initial Assessment and development of training plan: $275.00 plus $0.55/km for sessions that are not held at Paw & Order
Subsequent training sessions: $100.00/hour plus $0.55/km for sessions that are not held at Paw & Order


Private Training / Consultation

Using an innovative training approach focused on the personality of your individual dog, we use ONLY positive reinforcement training techniques to achieve maximum results. We can help you to tackle one specific command or issue.  For behavioural issues, when the interpretation of the behaviour is required, a Behavioural Assessment is completed prior to starting any individual training plan.

Cost: $100 per session ( approx 1 hour)  when training is held at our facility.  A mileage fee of $0.55/km is charged for all other private training locations.