Thank-you so much for your interest in our overnight camping experience!  The first thing to note is that we are fairly small facility with only 10 rooms - we don't have any cages here.  Depending on your dog and their ability to socialize, we sometimes group dogs together if it would make them feel more comfortable.  This is generally the case but sometimes we have pups who prefer to be by themselves so we have a couple of rooms for that purpose as well.  We don't take many dogs at once to ensure that they all get lots of love and attention in addition to necessary care. 

We offer a few different levels of camping experiences here at Paw & Order and the prices below reflect a per dog rate.  As you read through the various packages, please know that we offer a variety of "add-on" items that allow you to truly customize your furry friend's stay with us.  Some of these include:

  • Frozen Peanut Butter filled Kongs
  • Meaty Raw Bones
  • Individual Walks
  • Storytime
  • Individual Play time
  • Express Spa
  • Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Furry Feet Trim
  • Pawdicures (a.k.a nail trim)
  • Treat games and puzzles
  • Specialized Eye Care and Oral Care
  • Daily all natural preventative Flea/Tick spray


Sleepover Package

The dogs spend time playing, sniffing and socializing while we prepare their breakfast starting between 6 - 7am, then they go into their dorm room (ideally in the company of some other appropriate playmate canines when possible) for breakfast until they come out for mid morning pee/stretch break. We do another pee/stretch break mid afternoon and then again after supper.  Then it's lights out when they are all happy, played out and ready for bed.  You supply the dog and the food and we take care of all bedding, blankets, treats, bowls and toys.

  • Price per Dog - $32/night


Stay & Play Package

The dogs spend time playing, sniffing and socializing while we prepare and feed them their breakfast starting between 6 - 7am, then they go into their guest suite after they eat to let their tummy settle and then... out to play in our Stay & Play daycamp program throughout the day.  You can have this option daily, every other day, once - whatever you would like based on the experience that you think would best suit your pup.

  • Price per Dog - $32/night plus $16 for each day of daycamp


Ultimate Vacation Package

This rate allows your pup to live right in our home with us and our pups.  They can lounge all day in our home & private yard or spend the days in our daycamp program. They spend the evenings in our home so these dogs must be able to be in the company of other dogs.

  • Single Dog - $75/night
  • Multiple Dogs from the same household who can share a room $70/dog/night
  • Stay & Play daycamp is included in the rate for dogs who are able to participate


Flying Solo

This rate is specifically for dogs who are unable to share their overnight guest suite with a roommate due to their own special medical needs or behavioural issues. The number of guest suites available at this rate are very limited.

  • Single Dog - $45/night


Please note:

  • 5-Night minimum charge for stays including New Brunswick March Break and those involving Dec 22, 2017 - Dec 27, 2017
  • 3-Night minimum charge for stays between Dec 28, 2017 - Dec 30, 2017
  • 2-night minimum charge applies to stays involving all Statutory Holidays and their affiliated weekends
  • Check in and check out times are from 730am - 10am AND from 430pm - 6pm.  Departure times after 10am will incur an additional half day boarding fee. ANY arrivals/departures outside of these times will incur a $16 fee.
  • Departures after 6pm are charged $0.55/minute until 630pm.
  • Campers not picked up by 630pm will spend another night at their parent's expense.
  • Rates are subject to all applicable taxes


Camper's Checklist

  • Pet Food - Packaged in meal size portions for stays 7 nights or less or in a large container for longer stays
  • Pet Medications or Supplements
  • Vaccination Records for Kennel Cough (aka Bordatella) and Rabies.  Kennel Cough vaccine MUST be given at least 7 days prior to arrival to camp. Most local area veterinarians will e-mail a copy of your pet's vet records directly to us at your request.