Meet our Team!

Take a moment to get to know us!  Choosing a pet care facility is not an easy task and certainly not one to be taken lightly.  The people and their motivation for doing what they do every day makes the difference. It takes sincere passion and a desire to see every single pet healthy & safe so that they can be truly happy.

We operate Paw & Order with a few key things always top of mind:

  • Providing good basic care is simply not good enough for family pets. Providing exceptional love, care, support and comfort is the new minimum.... and never settle for the minimum.

  • Pet parents in our community should expect the "exceptional".

  • Every dog and their owner must have access to a high quality and informative dog training program

  • Enrichment is imperative for every guest that comes through our door

  • Give back to the community more than you get

  • BE the voice for those who have no voice

Stephanie Shipley

Stephanie Shipley



Stephanie opened Paw & Order Inc. in December 2009 after having dreamed of helping, playing and working with dogs as a career since she was a young child. After spending much of her adult life in the hospitality industry it was an easy decision to make the leap from working in the human hospitality field to providing exceptional pet hospitality. As Canada's only certified CPACO (Certified Professional Animal Care Operator), Stephanie brought Paw & Order Inc. to new heights as we continue to grow our ideas for enriching a pet's life in their own home and when they aren't able to be with their own family and they are staying with us. Stephanie started training dogs to play flyball many years ago but soon became much more interested in the specialty of Canine Communication and Behaviour. She is heavily involved with local dog rescue and rehabilitation through positive training methods. Stephanie initially set out to change the way that pet care (boarding, daycare and training) is viewed in our community by raising the bar here at Paw & Order Inc. and encouraging others to follow.


Henna Alam


Petcare Specialist & Staff Trainer

Henna joined our Team at Paw & Order in January 2016 after having moved to New Brunswick from the province of Ontario and spending many years working in the retail industry. After almost always juggling multiple jobs at the same time, Henna finally settled into a great routine with her friends at Paw & Order Inc.. Henna has 1 toy poodle best friend of her own named Mister and starred in our Manners 101 online training videos. Henna's natural desire to make people and pets happy led her straight to Paw & Order. She is working hard to learn new games and activities that will continue to enrich the lives of the pets in our care.

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Kayla Anderson

Petcare Specialist

Kayla joined Paw & Order in December 2017 but had been familiar with our philosophy about pet care for several years. Her dog Jackson has been a regular Paw & Order client for many years and now she wants to share that love and affection for all of our guests.


Jake Collet CPACP

General Manager

Coming to Paw & Order in October 2017 after moving to New Brunswick with his cat, Boca, Jake brings with him a wealth of management experience in the hospitality industry and a true passion for setting the bar as high as it can go with the animals in our care. His bright smile, sense of humour and everlasting enthusiasm make him a natural fit for our team.

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Jamie Engerdahl CPACP

Petcare Specialist & Professional Dog Trainer

Jamie joined the Paw & Order family in July 2017 shares her lives with her husband of 21 years, 2 - two legged non furry teenagers, 5 -four legged furry kids and some fish. She lovingly open her home to lots of foster fur kids with Oromocto SPCA.

Jamie loves to run the agility course and do in-home training and games with her dogs and has invested nearly 20 years of her life working with dogs as a Certified K9 Trainer and Veterinary Assistant. She loves to do Service Dog training and K9 Rehabilitation work and her favourite thing to study is Canine Cognition.

Jamie has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to our Paw & Order family and posses a wealth of experience and credentials.

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Alicia Briggs

Petcare Specialist

Joining our team in December 2017, Alicia has brought a wonderful approach to pet care with her sincere passion for animal health, well-being and happiness.

Elisha Shipley

Elisha Shipley

Office Manager

Elisha joined our Team in July 2013 as our Office Manager and swept through our business with fresh eyes and a fierce determination. She spent many years of her teenage and adult life in the hospitality industry between a local catering company and a major hotel chain. She has vast experience and knowledge in helping people to feel comfortable with their choice in pet care, explaining options and getting things organized. Elisha and Stephanie have 3 dogs of their own (2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 1 Boston Terrier Mix who they simply adore.


Kennedy Gallagher

Petcare Specialist

Kennedy joined our team in December 2017 with a sincere passion and love of all animals. With 2 dogs and 1 horse of her own at home, she is passionate about pet care and works routinely with horses and dogs. Kennedy was born and raised in the Penniac area and loves country living and working!